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Baby Lock Blind Hemmer BL101

Baby Lock Blind hemmer

If you can't find the hem you've found the right machine! No stitch has been more elusive than the blind hem. Once again, Baby Lock has come to the rescue. With Baby Lock's revolutionary blind hemmer, professional hems are now within the grasp of every seamstress. This lightweight, portable machine blind hems faster, easier and more professionally than even the most expensive computer sewing machines. Even though you can't find the hem, you can find the machine here at Studio 14 Denia.

Features Include:
  • Single chain stitch
  • Built-in sewing light
  • Slender free arm
  • Stitch length/skip stitch dial
  • Stitch depth dial for perfect blind hemming

Baby Lock R.R.P. €868.00                                  Studio 14 Denia Price €725.00

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